Healthy Wednesday- Whittle your Middle 21 Day Challenge

Welcome to Week #1 of Weight Loss Wednesday! I am joining forces with a few other bloggers to document our eating and workout habits, support each other in making healthy changes, and keep each other accountable in our journey to create these healthy habits.

Each one of us has a different reason for joining in. Some want to lose weight, some want a support group to keep them accountable, and some want to help others on their journey by being there to offer advice and a kind word or two.

I try to be very conscience of what I am putting into my mouth and how it will affect my body. I am planning on registering for a few races this fall and I know which foods fuel my body to perform for these races. I enjoy varying my workouts, but there is a constant weakness that I have battled for as long as I can remember. My core.

I have always had a softer core- I can't ever remember being happy with the way my stomach looks or feels. The women in my family are shaped a certain way and I very much have share that shape with them. Perhaps this is the sub-conscience reason that I have never really concentrated on whittling my middle.... until now.

I would like to introduce a 21 Day Challenge I am calling the Whittle Your Middle 21 day Challenge! The rules are very simple:

-every day for 21 days (because it takes 3 weeks to form a good habit) do a core-workout! Sit-ups, planks, Russian twists, bicycles, v-ups, etc. etc. etc.
- The amount of reps (or time, for planks) is totally up to you. Choose a number that is going to be challenging yet do-able. I don't know your body, you do, be honest with yourself!
-Day 1 is this Friday! Friday, September 6th!

Week 1- before bed I will do 25 full and perfect-form sit ups.
Week 2- before bed I will do 30 full and perfect-form sit ups.
Week 3- before bed I will do 35 full and perfect-form sit ups.

If this is too monotonous for you, do a different core workout every week, or a different one every day. JUST DO ONE EVERY SINGLE DAY!
Follow me and check in with me and other challenge-accepters on Twitter every day using hashtag #whittleyourmiddle

It takes not even 5 minutes every day and you will feel stronger! I promise you will feel a difference in the strength of your muscles, what will be hard in the beginning will be easy-peasy on day 21!

Questions? Let me know!

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