Product Review: Coromega's Be Bright Oil Blend

credit: Coromega

My friend at GoodBelly contacted me awhile back to ask if I would like to taste and review a new product from a company called Coromega. She sent me their newest product, Be Bright, an oil blend that is made from five super foods; coconut, chia, avocado, hemp, and black cumin.

We all know the benefits of keeping a diet rich in healthy fats- healthy skin and hair, joint mobility, brain health, cardiovascular health, and many prenatal benefits! However, when you think of "good fats", do you think of fish? Do you think of those huge krill oil pills or the fishy burps that come along with them? Uhh, yuck!

Be Bright Oil Blend contains no fish! Which means no fish burps! This oil is totally vegan, gluten free, and dairy free.

Okay, so what does it taste like? Well..... it was described to me as Pina-Colada-y. I have to say... I disagree. While there is some coconut in there, that's not the strongest flavor.

Taken straight from a spoon it has a very strong flavor- it's smooth and almost pudding-like in consistency, but the hemp flavor stands out most to me. Not the best taste in the world, though not repulsive.

So I put it in a smoothie one morning to see if I could sort of make it disappear. NOPE, it overpowered all the fruit! Honey didn't even do much to tame it.

I knew the real test was going to be whether I could get the 11 yr old girl-child to eat it... She drank the whole thing!

Final Verdict-

-It's probably a great way to get in your healthy fats if you don't eat a diet rich in coconut oil, avocados, or fish.
- no gluten, dairy, or animal products
-30 servings to one bag, so it's a once a month purchase.
- smooth consistency
- one serving is only 2 tps
- no fishy taste or burps!

- strong flavor which means it doesn't disappear in a smoothie
-$18/bag which I think it kind of high but maybe I'm cheap
- accessibility. I have not seen this in my local grocery store.


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