Prevention Magazine's R3 Summit event recap

As many of you know from my social media posts, Prevention Magazine sent me to their summit last month to be a VIB (very important blogger). Honestly, when I got the e-mail offering all the goo stuff I deleted it because I thought there was no way Prevention Magazine wanted me!! I thought surely it was a scam.

Wrong! They truly wanted me, and I am SO glad they did. I had the best time and I left that summit with my brain full of great information and my heart re-energized and totally motivated! It was such a great experience and I cannot wait for next year!! ((please have me back!!))


Here are some thoughts on my experiences:

Panels- WOW! The knowledge that these people have blows my mind. I consider myself pretty knowledgeable when it comes to health topics... I try to stay on top of the trends and fads and whatnot. But man, these people were incredible to listen to. All the panels were 30 minutes long, but you could tell these speakers were so passionate about the subjects that they could have extended each of the talks to an hour.
Andie MacDowel was fantastic to listen to. I still think about the  story she told about giving away your anger. I love that she is so open about her age, and she was excited to share her reasons why!

photo taken by my partner in crime, RachelsInATX

Chef Cote

Exec Chef of the Derek Hotel in Houston

Re-imagining Bacon resulted in this deliciousness.


Shake Up Your Supplements panel

Sponsors- I have to be honest, my favorite sponsor was Lungberg. The quinoa/chia/amaranth/all the good things chips they served us were fantastic. I had never heard of that brand before, but I look for it in my grocery store now!
I also loved WildPlanet Tuna. I tried my first sardine... it's probably not something I am going to go out and buy and eat myself, but it wasn't bad served with a little avocado, lime juice, and jalapeno. I also participated in their Tuna Cook Off Challenge and that was tons of fun.
I also enjoyed snacks from Larabar and BlueDiamond. Big fan of both those brands and I was able to stock up my snack stash at work.
I did visit the Dermalogica table and had a skin reading done on my face. She was able to tell me right away that I have sensitive skin and gave me some suggestions on how to care for my face. She also answered all of my pre-wedding skin care questions and scolded me for not wearing sunscreen every day :-) I know.... I know....

Tuna Challenge!

FOOD- For breakfast on Saturday morning we were offered a fresh fruit bar complete with juices from ----- , greek yogurt, granola, and a choice of coffee or tea. It's not my normal breakfast but it was enough to get me energized and ready for the day.
Lunch, to be honest, was a tad disappointing. I chose a lunchbox that was labled "Quinoa with green beans and pumpkin seeds", but the portion size was enormous and the quinoa was pretty band. It really could have used some salt and lemon at least.
The samples that were offered from the sponsor tables and from the cooking demonstrations filled any gaps in my appetite their may have been! We saw a bacon demonstration and the food at the end was, of course, delicious. We also saw a local Austin chef whip up some tasty shrimp lettuce wraps as she spoke about her farm-to-table restaurants (that's right, plural). We even tasted some hotdogs from Applegate, which, I gotta say, I don't normally eat hotdogs or ever want them.... but these were pretty dang tasty.

SO..... would I go again?

HECK YEA! I would love to! And I absolutely recommend that you go too! There were definitely several things for everybody to enjoy!

**Please note that I received free admission to this event, however, all opinions within this post are my own. **