Touring Through Blogland

Hey y'all,

This post will be a little different. Okay, a LOT different. I rarely post personal things on the blog (mostly for the privacy of my family) but today I've been invited by Doree from Top Notch Mom to participate in this "behind the scenes" kind of post.

Doree and I are not only bloggy buddies, but we are also real-life friends and I truly adore her. I would not have done this for just anybody!

So, without further ado, welcome to my kitchen!

1) What am I working on?- I was hired for a new teaching job this summer so setting up my classroom,  meeting all my new coworkers, and being incredibly anxious has been taking up most of my time. However, I am still cooking for my family and am thinking a lot about meal planning for the school year. Last year I had a weekly menu posted which helped everyone know what to expect. I wrote out the menu on Sunday and did the grocery shopping around the menu. This helped with the grocery bill AND made sure I had no excuses!

((I do not post pictures of the kids for privacy reasons, but I can post pics of our furbabies!))
Lisy (Lee-See) our baby boo
Maddy- Princess Wiener

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?- When I went to FitBloggin I explained it like this:
I cook real food, for my real family, that we really eat.
I don't post recipes we don't eat (uhh, wasteful!) I try really really hard to make it healthy because I am very conscious of our nutrition, but I'll never shove the "Healthy" thing down your throat. We are real people! 

And we really like M&M Cookie Pie!
Everything in moderation!
3) Why do I write/create what I do?- I started because I wanted to track the unique recipes that I was creating while on a weight loss journey. I continued because I liked it. I like being creative with food! I cook for the ones I love, and I love knowing that my recipes are doing good things for their bodies and helping them to live a healthier life.
I am still trying my best to live a healthy lifestyle. I am not on a diet, it is a lifestyle. I cannot call these pictures "before and after" because I am still in progress. (It's more like "unhappy" and "happy")
I am so impressed with the things my body has been capable of by providing it with the right fuel!

4) How does your writing/creating process work? I am so inspired by the full-time bloggers out there. I know it's an incredible amount of work for so little actual pay. I will never be a full-time blogger. Instead, I chose a different profession that is a helluva lot of work with very little pay- I'm a teacher. :-)
Because I'm a full-time teacher who also juggles a family and somewhat of a social life, my writing/creative process is sporadic. I am inspired by, of course, other bloggers, as well as meals I have at restaurants and things I see on my favorite cooking shows. I have a constant written list of recipes and ideas I want to try. When I can, I create one or some of these recipes, taste test, shoot some pics and write a post. 

I have invited one of my FitBloggin roommates to join me. Y'all go check out Denise's blog Almasdays!
We met through the FitBloggin facebook page and were roomies for the weekend. She is a southern belle from Northeast Florida/Louisiana who blogs about her journey to live a healthy life.
She will post her Tour Through Blogland post on Monday, August 25th.