Healthy Living- Resolutions Check-in

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Did you make any New Year's Resolutions? How's that going so far?

For a lot of people, the New Year is viewed as a fresh start; a do-over. But as we crawl away from the Holiday High we tend to start slipping back into old habits. We're human, after all, we are all creature of habit and routine.

From time to time someone in my personal life will consult me about healthy living choices. Most of the time, its a question about food (weird, right?) but I've also been asked about workouts, recovery, supplements, and plain 'ol motivation. What gets you off the couch and keeps you off the couch? Working out sounds like...well, work... I do enough work at my 9-5, thankyouverymuch.

Y'all, everyone travels a different path. No two bodies are alike, and no two lives are alike. I know it's hard to juggle with a busy schedule. I know it's time consuming to plan and prep meals for the week. I know you're beat after a day at the office/school/business. But riddle me this; if you don't take care of you...who will?

I am a full time teacher, I run this little bloggy-blog as a small business along with all it's social media. I am also a semi-stepmom to two awesome and active kids, a dog-mom, and a sister, daughter, friend, and girlfriend.


So, here's what I'm proposing, make this your mantra this year:

Just keep this in mind and every time you start to let those Healthy Living Resolutions slip, hopefully this can bring you back.

I asked my Facebook Fans what they were doing this year to live healthier in 2014 and here were some of their responses: (note, not one of them said the words "workout")

Betty says: eating more fruits and vegetables.

Briana Says: We eat healthy, go for walks (weather permitting), spend as much time as we can together. But the biggest thing I've gotta work on is trying not to sweat the small stuff... Always have too much stress, lol

Ronee says:  Trying to drink lots of water. In the first two weeks, I was down 4 pounds both weeks for a total of 8. On on week 3, I wish it was already a habit. I'm finding it hard to remember.

Living a Healthier Life in 2014 is so much more than just working out! Start with small changes and the rest will happen naturally!

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