Cinco de Mayo and Teacher Appreciation week

On Thursday my mom and I attended a Cinco de Mayo themed party at Serranos put on by the Houston Convention Center and Visitors Bureau. It was awesome. Free food, free drinks, margarita shaped cake pops from the Houston Cake Ball Company- yumm! We left with a great Texas gift basket complete with HEB tortilla chips, HEB salsa, salsa bowl, and a cheese and sausage plate all on top of a Texas themed plate.

I took all of the margarita shaped cake pops I could get a hold of and brought them to work the next day- it had been a long week and I thought that my team could "use a drink". They loved it!

Houston Cake Ball Company did a great job!

Speaking of my team... I wanted to take some time to write about Teacher Appreciation Week.

I am a Teacher Assistant for the Special Education department. Teacher's work hard and a lot of times are not recognized (nor paid) for the long hours, dedication, and sacrifices that they give. They absolutely deserve this week of appreciation. However, Teacher Assistant's (or TA's) also work very hard, most of the times behind the scenes, and receive even less recognition and appreciation. (plus we're paid much much less)

Speaking from experience TA's are, as we refer to it, "in the trenches". We are expected to quite literally get down and dirty when kids have emotional melt-downs, become verbally abusive, physically violent toward themselves or others, or even run off campus. It happens- not every day, but it happens. We serve children on the Autism Spectrum, those with ED (emotionally disturbed), ODD (oppositional defiance disorder), ADD/ADHD, etc.

Then Teacher Appreciation Week comes around at the end of the school year and we are generally left out. I was in an amazing classroom last year that made sure to include me when they were showering their teacher with gifts and goodies. It was so unexpected! It shouldn't have been unexpected, though!


If you're not sure if there is a TA in your child's classroom, ask the teacher!


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