LiveFit Trainer Thoughts and Meal Ideas

On April 15th, I started the 12 week LiveFit Trainer by Jamie Eason. I have been looking at this trainer and thinking about it on and off again since it was released a couple years ago. I like lifting weights, I know it works for my body- a lot of the weight I lost after college was due to weight training (plus a low carb, low cal, high protein diet). I looked a lot at the food list, recipe ideas, and meal plan. Honestly, it looked like so much food! It also seemed like it might get a little expensive...and y'all, I'm not shy about admitting that this girl is on a serious budget!

baked tilapia with a greek salad- topped with homemade garlic hummus

Luckily I have a partner and we've been keeping each other on track with eating and working out. It's always better when you don't have to do it alone. I am also finding that it's not as expensive as I thought it might be. Eggs are cheap, cottage cheese is cheap, and in season veggies are always affordable!

The first week of the trainer was slow, work-out wise, only because I got hit with the allergy monster and battled sore throat/no voice/congestion so badly for a solid two days that I couldn't breathe well enough to lift weights! I stuck with the meal plans, though, and I am honestly telling you that by the 4th day I already felt better! So many veggies really clean you out, and all that low fat/calorie protein keeps your hunger monster away without weighing you down. Win win!

Some of the dinners I am having get posted to Instagram so be sure to follow me if you're interested in seeing what I'm creating. I am not the kind of person who can eat the same meals all. the. time. With the food list as big as it is, though, it's been pretty fun to find all the tasty combinations I can create and not feel guilty!

Workout-wise, the first workout was haaaarrrrd. I was super sore the next two days, but I know that just means I need to do more! I really enjoy lifting weights, it just makes me feel stronger and gets my endorphins pumping! I am sort of missing the cardio, though. In the first phase you're supposed to avoid cardio and just build muscle. I found myself thinking today "oh spin class is tonight, that sounds fun..... oh, wait. darn."

So to recap- clean eating is not so expensive or dull, it's actually been pretty affordable and tasty! I feel better on the inside, which always translates to the outside. Follow me on Instagram to see what kinds of clean eating meals I am creating next!


  1. I just started the program on May 20, 2013. I am still incorporating cardio - mainly because I have already committed to some 5k's. Plus i feel like my body needs it. I ran 15 minutes yesterday and it was the some of the best running I have done. I definitely need to incorporate more veggies add more protein ( i feel like 6oz is sooo much). Glad I found your blog... wish I had a partner to do the program with :)

  2. Love love love this! I've been looking everywhere for someone who blogged about the program! I'm starting Monday and I'm really worried that its gonna get expensive too.


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