January = Christmas Hangover

Anyone else still having a Christmas Hangover?

As you may have read before, I work for the local school district here in Longhorn Land, which means that I get two lovely weeks off for "Winter Break". It's a perk, I won't lie.

BUT, this also means that I have 2 whole weeks to entertain myself..... which normally means spending more money than usual. womp-womp.

I had a great break and was rested and ready (ish) to go back come January 7th, but for the last 2 weeks I've been eating like I did that time I was in college and saving up to send myself to London for Spring Break. We're talking, eggs, oatmeal, and ramen, people- not exactly blog worthy stuff.

For example:

broke girl meal #1- veggie enchiladas at my sisters house.
Please enjoy my finger in this picture.

Broke Girl meal #2- Chicken noodle soup.... sans the chicken. :-/

Broke Girl meal #3- ramen cooked in chicken broth and soy sauce
with steamed broccoli and sriracha. This was really good, actually.

Lunch meals include: peanut butter sandwich (classic) and literally a half can of refried black beans covered in melted cheese and hot sauce with tortilla chips for scooping.

Please tell me someone else is with me on this? Or maybe you are all incredibly responsible readers and are able to properly budget your monies....?

What meals are your Go-To for when you are super duper broke?