Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Trail Mix - did you know it was so easy!?

Show of hands- who has gone grocery shopping while hungry?

Baaad idea.... right?

I went to my local Sprouts Farmer's Market this past Sunday and in the middle of my hunt for the perfect bunch of green onions and celery, it hit. The hunger monster. I wandered over to the bulk items section and started looking at the trail mix. It all looked super yummy, but then I noticed something.... I had a lot of the ingredients to these trail mixes at home! I only picked up a scoop-full of honey glazed sesame seed sticks and headed home to mix up my own! Saving monies!

Trail mix is a simple, healthy snack option that is incredibly portable. I love it!
I mixed together dark chocolate chips, honey glazed sesame sticks, chopped dried apricots, almond slices, unsweetened shredded coconut, and golden raisins. I'm pretty sure I used the same amount of everything but I didn't measure anything.... just kept on pouring and mixing. I shook it all up in a large tupperware container and am keeping it at work to munch on throughout the week! The dark chocolate and sweet sesame sticks are keeping my hands out of the leftover Halloween candy and dried fruit is a great source of fiber!
Next time I think I'll try something with some whole grain gold fish and spicy peanuts. The possibilities are endless!

Do you snack? What's your snack of choice?

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