Coconut & Chocolate {kind of like Mounds} Pudding Pie

I'm totally a surfer now. Like, professional-ish.

I went to a free Surfset class that CG Arena hosted tonight. Think surfboards strapped to exercise balls... then do lots of fitnessy things on top of those wobbly core-killers. oohhh, it burned so gooood. And then they gave us all Zico Coconut Water (and coconut water chapstick!)

So, now that I am all professional-ish, I'd better move to Hawaii or southern Cali and start eating my weight in coconuts.... mmmmmm, wouldn't that be the life?

Guess I'll start with this pie. I actually made this like a year ago and never posted it-- I am so sorry!
The recipe includes instructions for a "lightened up" graham cracker crust, but if smashing grahams with your iron fists is just not your thang, please feel free to buy the pre-made crusts at the grocery store.

Coconut Chocolate {kind of like Mounds} Pudding Pie

1.5 cups of graham cracker crumbs (about 1 plastic package smashed)
2 teaspoons unsweetened cocoa powder
3-4 tbs non-fat plain yogurt (greek is great)
2 tbs brown sugar

-Preheat oven to 350*. In a medium bowl, mix together all ingredients  Press firmly and evenly into a 9" pie pan. Bake for 5mins- set aside to cool completely.

1 (1.4oz) box Jell-0 Coconut Cream instant pudding mix
1 3/4 cups milk
1/3 cup unsweetened coconut flakes

Beat pudding mix, milk, and coconut flakes with a whisk in a medium sized bowl for 2 mins. Pour into cooled pie crust. Chill in fridge.

Melt 1/4 cup dark chocolate chips and drizzle over pudding once it's set.

So, ummm..... cowabunga, y'all!


  1. Yumalicious!! And, um, I want to go to that class!

  2. I love a good graham cracker crust and this one sounds delicious! Thanks for linking up!

  3. Hi Susan, I’m Anne from Life on the Funny Farm (, and I’m visiting from WTFab.

    This looks so delish! One of my dtrs LOVES coconut, and I will have to make this for her. Can't wait!

    Anyway, thanks for posting this. If you’ve never visited yet, I hope you can pop by my blog sometime to say hi…

  4. Hi Susan! So wonderful pudding pie! Have tried this before, but have to try it, just love chocolate and colour together! Have a lovely week!

  5. That looks so good - my husband loves mounds bars. I will have to remember this for his birthday :) Thanks for linking up to Tasty Thursday.

  6. What a yummy, simple recipe that can easily be whipped up for when that chocolate/coconut craving hits. Looks fabulous!


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