My Fit Foods Review & GIVEAWAY!

Remember all those times when I re-blogged My Fit Foods Tip of the Week and threw in my little disclaimer about how MFF doesn't even know I exist?

Weeellllll....... THEY DO NOW!!!! :-)

I am so excited to tell y'all that last week (1 week ago today) I was on the phone with George Morgan and Meg McCall from MFF talking to them about ideas for new Tip of the Week, getting the coupons going for this giveaway, and more! **minor freakout moment**

My Fit Foods is based out of Houston, but we have a few locations here in Austin. There are MFF's in Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, California, and Idaho! Click here to find the store closest to you!

Before we get to the giveaway part, I wanted to give a quick review of two of their new menu items: Pear Salmon Salad and Blazin Cajun Shrimp.

Pear Salmon Salad: This salad was super tasty... I didn't even use dressing! It's a baked salmon filet with a spicy crust on top of a bed of spinach and topped with a pear salsa. I picked it up because I thought "pear....salmon.... interesting" I'm glad I did and I will definitely be getting another one on my next trip!
For 330 calories, 10g carbs, 30g protein, 70% dv of vitamin A and 60% dv of vitamin C I was one happy customer. I just hoped that lunch the next day- my Blazin Cajun Shrimp- was going to be just as tasty!

Blazin Cajun Shrimp: Wowwee!! This dish was flavor-ful and filling! That squirt of lemon was just the right touch for this meal. A combination of rice, ground turkey, shrimp, asparagus, diced tomatoes and green chiles this dish was spicy and satisfying. I made the right choice, for sure!
This meal clocked in at 340 calories, 36g carbs, 32g protein, and just 7g of fat! Win!

I would highly recommend both and/or either of these dishes! Yummo!

And now for what you're all here for..... the GIVEAWAY! 4 lucky people, yea FOUR, will win 2 BOGO coupons for My Fit Foods. This means for less than $10 you can walk out of their store with lunch AND dinner, or breakfast AND lunch, or dinner AND dinner, I could go on forever...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winners will be announced on the 22nd- valid at participating MFF's. While MFF does now know I exist, they have not paid me for my opinion, all opinions are my own, nutrition information came from the nutrition label on the back of the container. GOOD LUCK!


  1. That Blazin Cajun Shrimp looks great! I've heard good things about MFF!

  2. I love love love My Fit Foods!!! I want to try the Pear Salmon Salad. It looks really yummy.

  3. My Fit Foods is super smart to team up with you. I want to try both of the entrees above...and everything else. Yum!


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