Cesar Salad Pizza

I have internet again!!! Yaaaaay!!!! The internet setter-upper guy came over on Monday when I was resting from my vacation. Hey, when you have 3 full days of sun, sand, waves, dolphin cruises, surfer watching, midnight ocean swims, and tasty seafood you may need a little vacay from your vacay. There's nothing like moving into a new place, unpacking almost nothing and then taking off for a long beach weekend, wouldn't you agree? Unpacking sucks, anyway.

Today's recipe is a tasty little number that is 1) cheap! and 2) healthy-ish. The ish-part is for the dressing, but the dressing makes it. You'll see what I mean.

Chicken Cesar Salad Pizza
-single serving pizza crust (I used Mamma Mary's 100% whole wheat)
-Romaine lettuce
-light Cesar salad dressing (I used Kraft)
-Parmesan cheese
-diced pre-cooked chicken

I toasted my pizza crust in the toaster oven while I diced the chicken, chopped the lettuce and tossed in a tiny amount of dressing. When the crust was fully crispy I assembled! A drizzle of dressing spread on the bottom of the crust, topped with lettuce, topped with chicken and then everyone was sprinkled with cheese!
The crust is like your croutons, but you still get to say you're eating pizza!

this recipe has been Maddy approved.

April 10th was my 1 year Blogiversary.
I remember thinking "well, let's see how long I can keep this up" when I first posted. :-)
Big Thank You to all my readers! You keep me posting!!!! <3 <3


  1. Looks super yum...I know all about vaccy from vaccation...doing that myself ;-)


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