Food Thoughts

Pretty sure I had food poisoning yesterday. :-(
I am also fairly certain that it came from a brand-new container of Chobani yogurt (why!!!???)
SO, yesterday I could eat nothing which really sucks because eating is my favoritist hobby! The no eating yesterday therefore left me feeling weak and energy-less today.

Today while I was eating lunch with some of my team, one of the girls started describing how when she runs and works out she finds herself wanting to eat better and make healthier choices, but then when she's not running or working out regularly she craves junk food so much more. She asked me if I knew why. Of course I do!

Endorphins! When you work out your body is releasing all those feel-good endorphins and it makes you want to fuel it with the premium grade stuff! Food is fuel for our bodies, perfect example: me feeling so weak and sluggish today! <- Cuz I didn't have any fuel in my tank!
It works hand in hand. You eat bad, you have a bad workout or don't workout and feel terrible. You eat healthy and your body is fueled properly to perform at it's best and you feel A-MAZ-ING. She craves healthier foods when she's working out because her body wants that premium grade fuel!


I am feeling better now, was able to slowly get food back in me today and plan on being 100% tomorrow. I couldn't read any of my favorite food blogs while I was sick, though, and I obviously couldn't do any cooking- boo. So now I am catching up, but just wanted to share those thoughts. Time for dinner.


  1. Hope you are feeling better today :-)

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