Berry Protein Cheesecakes

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I braved the rain and the cold yesterday to attend Camp Gladiator.
Since it was raining, we were huddled up under a covered patio-type area. The head trainer didn't have us run, so instead we did high-knees.
I wish I would have kept track, I know I did 300 total for the last "challenge" exercise. But I'm guessing my grand total was somewhere in the neighborhood of 4million.....

What's interesting, however, is that my arms are what's really sore today. We did all kinds of crazy push-up and plank things and holy moly am I feeling it!
Lifting the coffee pot this morning was tough.
So what do sore muscles need? Protein! And cheesecake!.....?

I found this recipe on this wonderful blog a couple days ago and quickly announced that my life was complete. I was then reminded that I should probably make them and eat them before I decided I could die..... touché.

Well, friends. I'm out, cuz these are awesome! It was so hard to not eat them all! They're perfectly portioned, sweet from the berries, and best of all they're low calorie and low fat!

Berry Protein Cheesecakes
adapted from Protein Pow(d)er!

1 cup (170g) 0% Greek yogurt- I used blueberry flavor
2 tbs non-fat cottage cheese
1 tbs brown rice flour (or coconut flour, or almond flour)
2 eggs
1 packet no-cal sweetener
1/4 cup vanilla whey protein powder (I used vanilla ice cream flavor)
1-ish cup fresh/frozen berries.

Combine yogurt, cottage cheese, flour, eggs, and protein powder in a medium bowl.
Taste the batter to see if you need the packet of sweetener- depending on the brand of yogurt you use, you may not need it.
Fold in the fresh/frozen berries. Pour batter into cups- I used 9 silicon molds.
Bake at 350* for 35mins. Let cool completely, pop them out of the molds and into your mouth!


  1. Shut the front door. I need these in my life. I am a slacker when it comes to getting protein so I think these are a good excuse to change that. I hope they are negative calories, too :)

    1. lol not negative calories, but if you do some lunges and pushups while they are baking it might be ;-)

  2. looks very interesting.........nicely done recipe....

  3. These look amazing!!! Love your blog. Newest reader!!

  4. Those look really good. I love a good cheesecake!

  5. wow what an amazing idea! these would be a great supplement to my insanity workouts hehe :) so glad i stopped by from the Crazy for Crust link party!

    The G-Free Wifey

    1. thanks for stopping by! I found them to be a great dessert and mid-afternoon snack :-)


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