Christmas Recap & Goals for 2012

My Christmas

Cranberry Banana Bread



a little bubbly

my mother's beautiful tree

a worn out weeny in her new bed
xmas eve- insert little sister ^ here

Christmas this year was just about my family. There were a few gifts, but no pictures were taken of those- it wasn't what was important. What was important was that we were all together. 2012 already looks like it is bringing a lot of changes for me and my family- some anticipated with joy and hope and some with anxiety. 
I'm not a new year's resolution person, but I have been thinking about goals.
In 2011 I started this blog, ran my first race (Capital 10k) loved it and signed up for more. I ran for the water and I completed, however painfully, my first half marathon
SO, 2012....bring it. I will definitely do more races, both street and adventure. I'd like to do the San Antonio Rock N Roll half marathon without wanting to die this time, and be training for Disney's Princess Half Marathon in Feb, 2013. I want to try more food, do a few cooking classes, and grow in the blogging community even more. Thank you to all of my lovely readers who have shown me love and comments this year. :-) I am looking forward to all of your blog posts and comments in 2012!

Happy New Year!


  1. My goal for 2012 is to do a half marathon...the only problem is that I'm not a runner. Whatsoever. Hmm...maybe this isn't such a good idea afterall! Haha


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