Motivation Monday #5

WOW, can't believe this one's #5!

I'm feeling pretty icky today, woke up an hour before my alarm was to go off because I was super nauseous.Of course, that's when weener-dog wants to climb up in the bed and lick my face, then big white dog gets jealous and needs to squeeze in there as well.  So, as you can imagine, I did not jump out of bed this morning, ready to tackle the day and write an awe-inspiring MM for you......actually, I don't know that that's ever happened. But let's pretend it has. :-)

I just wanted to share a story today.
I got up one morning, a few weeks ago, and went outside on our back porch (mainly to make sure that princess-weener was going to the bathroom, she's been snubbing the doggy door since the back injury) As I was standing there, watching her sniff the dirt, we both started hear a noise. I had no idea what it was, I couldn't place it, but it was coming from the green belt that's behind our house. Weener started to do her ever-so-threatening "woof woof" but seemed to think the dirt needed most of her attention. Then I saw it. It was a woman running on the trail. As she ran by, I couldn't help but notice a few things: she was a bigger lady- not trying to be mean, but she wasn't what we'd call "average" size. I also noticed that she was really workin, I could see her concentration and determination. And last, I noticed that it was 7:15am, and she was out there doing it. Not super speedy, and for who knows what distance, but she was doing it. I wanted to yell over the fence "YOU GO, GIRL!" But, I didn't. Instead, I reminded myself that I could have been out there, too...
I still think about her, and I find myself looking for her when I take the dogs out in the morning