Brown Bag Challenge Update

I've really been bad about updating my blog with posts about my Brown Bag Challenge.
I haven't failed, though! I am still packing my lunch every day. I have not had sushi, Thundercloud or anything from the HEB Deli since the challenge started. Swear.

Most of my lunches have been kind of lame-o.
Mainly sandwiches or salads, neither with anything awe-inspiring in/on them. See, I thought this challenge would force me to get out of my sandwich/salad routine and encourage me to throw caution to the Brown Bag wind..... seems it hasn't quite worked that way. (lack of funds is also to blame, bleh)
Brown Bag Challenge is winding down- I think the official end date is October 4th?
Here's what lunch has looked like this week:

Monday- Slice of pizza (veggie, peperoni & sausage) & homemade zuchini fries.- so tasty
Tuesday- Homemade Chicken tacos & a side of pineapple.
Wednesday- BLT side salad (homemade with cherry tomatoes & bacon bits) plus a bowl of Spicy Southwestern Style Black Bean Soup, (and they mean spicy)
Thursday- leftover stew meat on a whole wheat bun with cheese, side of broccoli & ranch.

280 calories, 1g fat, 14g protein,
& clear sinus' from this baby!

BIG blog news coming this weekend! Stay tuned, it's exciting!


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