Brown Bag Challenge- day 1

Today's the day! It's day one of the Food Network's Healthy Eats Brown Bag Challenge
The rules are, for every work day you must bring your lunch- no eating out! For me, that means no Thundercloud, no Sushi (bbooo), no run to HEB for a salad. The idea is that sack lunches have economical and healthful benefits. Plus, by bringing in your own lunch you control things like portion size and if you are the one cooking what you bring in you will always know exactly what your meal was made of! For me, even when I do choose to eat out for lunch I generally make good choices. So I chose to participate not so much for the health benefits, but for the challenge of extending my lunch recipes. I have copious amounts of dinner recipes, my breakfast list is making its way up there, too, but lunch is definitely in third place. 

Today's lunch isn't any fancy new recipe. Actually the yogurt and I got into a fight and my original idea for lunch ended up in the trash.... I was a little frustrated before I even left the house! (btw: the yogurt won the battle, but lost the war- I suffered a slice to the finger which has made for a good story for the kids)

Finally ready to go!

SO, here it is: the yogurt (with frozen blueberries, this was actually my mid-morning snack) the makings for a tuna sandwich, a big bowl of chopped mixed veggies w/black beans, my, water bottle & a sweet treat.

yes, there's a smurf on my desk. gift from a kid :-)

mixed veggies/beans consisted of: yellow & orange bell pepper, carrots, tomato,
 cucumber, green onion & drained black beans.

What did YOU have for lunch???


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am now following you too! This sounds like a great challenge!


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