Motivation Monday- #2

What's your school year resolution?

It's the first day of school for my district and many around me. For parents as well as teachers and staff it's exciting and also a little nerve wracking- it never feels like we have enough time to prepare!

Like I said in the last MM post, a new school year brings us back to basics- I got all my information emailed to me about the Brown Bag Challenge so now I'm really excited for September 1st to get here! I've been planning a bunch a great lunchy recipes to post! Stay tuned!

For today's Motivation Monday, I wanted to share with you some images on my Motivation/Inspiration Pinboard. Every now and then I take a good look at these and remind myself of my goals. Hopefully you will be motivated to create a visual aide for yourself to stay on track as well!?

When your mojo is lacking,
have a T-Rex chase you!

For my race in November! FOCUS!

It's about me- and no one else.

Just keep running, just keep running...

Happy Monday!