Breakfast Goodies

My older sister and I were having a discussion about the whole blog-thing and she made the comment on mine that I should clarify something.

My diet and Dave's diet are directly related to the workouts we do.

Dave will have MUCH more protein every day because he lifts almost every day. When you lift weights, you are essentially ripping your muscle tissues apart. The healing process is the actual "building" of the muscle. The soreness you feel is the dryness of your muscles because when you ripped them apart, the lactic acid came out and it is kind of sitting on top of the muscle- this is why heat, stretching and movement helps with sore muscles. If you do not supply your body with extra protein (and water, for that matter) you are going to recover much slower and have a hell of a time building any muscle!
(PS, protein also take longer to breakdown in your tummy, that's why you feel satisfied-not full- longer. Eating lean proteins has been a BIG part of my own weight loss)

I, on the other hand, will vary my meals every day depending on the workout I'm going to do. On the days that I run or know I will do a cardio workout of some kind I will have carbs--  GASP "but carb is a four letter word!" you say. ;-)
I mean, I will have GOOD carbs, I will have whole grains- the complex carbs. Your body actually needs these for sustained energy...... the carb-thing is going to have to be another blog, though, or I will be here all day.
On the days I know I will lift weights, I will have more protein in my meals and snacks. Make sense to everybody?

Good, moving on.

Most days I know as early as breakfast what kind of workout I am going to come home from work and do so I will start fueling my body for it at breakfast. I always have coffee, it's an evil necessity, and so tasty.
Here is my running/cardio day breakfast & mid-morning snack (small meals, keep the metabolism runnin!)1/2 cup quick cooking oats (from the tub)
1 cup Mootopia milk (I use fat-free. It has 12g protein per 1 cup and less sugar than reg milk. plus its lactose free)
1 packet splenda
1/4 cup raisins- I use golden. dried cranberries are also tasty
sprinkle of cinnamon to taste.
   -stir it all together in a cereal bowl- pop it in the microwave for a min, stir, and put it back in for another 45secs to 1min. I like mine to be kind of a porridge consistency....obviously the longer you cook it, the more solid it will become.
This oatmeal is a whole grain, low in calories and t-a-s-t-y. For my mid-morning snack I will much a medium sized piece of fruit or a half cup of apple sauce.

Weight Training Day Breakfast
4 egg whites (I use egg whites from the carton-3/4cup, it's just faster)
2 tablespoons of Bulghar
a small handful (less than 1/4 cup) of raisins- again, I use Golden

place all ingredients in a small non-stick pan and cook like an omeltte. Be careful when flipping, I've splashed eggwhite on the stove once or twice :-)
The raisins act kind of like a sweet element- almost like when you get pancake syrup on your eggs. The bulghar is there for some crunch.
My mid-morning snack is normally a cup of Greek yogurt. I buy the Yoplait vanilla-honey. If I am feeling naughty I will put a sprinkle of dark choc chips in it too :-)

If you make either one of these breakfasts, let me know what you think!!