Vacationing in Rockport, Texas

One year ago Rockport, Texas was hit by Hurricane Harvey. The destruction was unimaginable. This little fishing town on the coast of Texas took an incredible blow which resulted in many homes and businesses being flooded and destroyed. But Rockport is rising. 
I recently took a long weekend trip to Rockport with a girlfriend, our kids, and her parents. We stayed in a house right on Copano Bay. Driving in, the destruction left by Harvey was still very visible. While there were a sprinkling of houses that were rebuilt and like-new, there were more homes that were clearly still being recovered. Many of these home-owners did not have hurricane insurance and the repairs can quickly become too much for any homeowner to manage.

The goal of our trip was to have a simple, relaxing, low-key weekend where we could fish, enjoy some cocktails on the deck, enjoy the sunsets, and unwind. That is exactly the trip we got. We had moderate luck with the fishing and crabbing but maybe that speaks more of the fishermen than the fish? The sunsets were lovely and the weather, although humid, was really great. The rain that was forecasted all weekend held off for the most part and the breeze was consistent and lovely.

Though we spent the majority of our weekend at the house, we did spend some time one afternoon at Rockport Beach Park. Texas does not boast white-sand beaches. Until you get closer to Mexico, Texas beaches are good for fishing and shrimping, but exceptionally beautiful beaches they are not. However, the babies had never been to the beach so they have no frame of reference! Lydia loved splashing in the water and was extra surprised when a wave popped her in the mouth and the water was salty! The water at Rockport Beach Park was warm and there was almost zero current making it the perfect first beach experience for my little mermaid. Thomas also had a good time at the beach, but it turns out he's a sand man. He wasn't too thrilled with the water that moved by itself. He was perfectly happy playing in the sand under the fabulous straw-topped umbrella canopies that dot the beach.

Something else to note is that Corpus Christi, Texas is just a short 30(ish) minute drive away which means making a trip to the Texas State Aquarium or U.S.S. Lexington is super easy.

*All photos are mine, all opinions are mine. This is not a sponsored post.


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