Four Ways to Follow Me!

I'm sure you've heard, but.....Google Reader will not be available after July 1st!

But I can't live without you!!!

So be sure to keep up with me through 1, or all 4, of these different social medias!

You can find me on....

Where I post my latest bloggy-goodness, plus super fantastic things from my sponsors, a few pictures here and there, and other randomness.

I am still fairly new to the whole Twitter thing... I was very resistant to joining, but have found it to be a more pleasant experience that I thought. For random thoughts, and the occasional chat, tweet me maybe?

Lots of food pictures, things I'm working on, LiveFit Meals, pictures of Princess Wiener and friends, and my out of the kitchen adventures!

The replacement for Google Reader! BlogLovin is fantastic! Do it, do it, do it! It's free, and easy! Everyone likes that!

I have Sponsor Spots available! Come advertise your blog, shop, or web-site with Adventures in my Kitchen! Click the 'Contact Me & Sponsorship Info' Tab!


  1. I followed all my blogs with Bloglovin, although I haven't actually tried it out yet, waiting for d-day to do that I guess!


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