Family Reunion in Pictures of Food

Krekels is a family owned joint, only in the Decatur IL area.


Ginormous Veggies!

Everything in the pot spaghetti

cheesy goodness

roasted veggies in place of french fries

life is now complete- YUM

alot of this happened. alot.

best combination ever. ev-er.

my cousin decided I could in fact cook after I mixed this up.
in reality, I can chop veggies and toss them around in a bowl.

chewy, gooey, cantstopeatingthem.....

Pizza from Monical's- a once a year thing.

the other pizza from Monical's... okay, twice a year thing....

sweet IL corn

Corn salsa

My uncle is a chef, so there's always a lot of eating going on during family reunions. There are daily trips to wal-mart because there are between 10 and 13 people to feed in my grandmothers house when we're all there! I spent the week after I got home detoxing- surprised?


  1. OMG look at all that amazing food!!
    That root beer gum looks interesting, I love anything root beer. That might be as its pretty rare here in the UK, when I get on US soil I virtually drown myself in it :)
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