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This post comes to you courtesy of the weekly newsletter from My Fit Foods
Meg McCall wrote to all newsletter subscribers last week about the benefits of spices and what they can do for our metabolism. I found this to be full of good information, especially since I love to experiment with different spices in everyday dishes. Hope you find this useful, too!

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Kick Up Your Metabolism With Some Spice! 
If you are part of the My Fit Nation, you already know most of our food has a little kick to it. But do you know why? All of the spices we use are great for our metabolism!

Check it out:

CAYENNE PEPPER - Present in nearly all of our spice mixes, this hot pepper's active ingredient, Capsaicin, increases body temperature and metabolism. One study found t
hat Cayenne Pepper helps boost metabolism by as much as 50% for three hours! Cayenne's antioxidant power calms inflammatory chemicals, which is another mechanism to help weight loss.

BLACK PEPPER - Pepperine is the active ingredient that improves digestion and the breakdown of nutrients in the small intestine. It actually increases the bioavailability of all other nutrients - meaning you are absorbing more of the good stuff when adding pepper. It also stimulates the nervous system, which in turn boosts your metabolism.

OREGANO - Present in our Turkey Pasta, Breakfast Tacos and Luis' Fit Migas, among others. Per gram, Oregano has 40 times the antioxidant activity than apples. Remember that antioxidants combat inflammation and damage, and they restore both our liver pathways and cell regeneration. This all contributes towards a healthier body composition.

CINNAMON - This sweet smelling spice is found in both the Oatmeal and Perfect Patties as well as in supplement form. Research shows that Cinnamon makes the body's insulin receptors work better, which in turn results in less fat storage and more efficient energy production. 1,000 mg, 2 pills a day, or ¼ to ½ teaspoon a day will not only help blood sugar levels, but also triglycerides and cholesterol too.

GINGER - Fresh Ginger is used in the lean Ginger Chicken Delight. Like Cayenne, Ginger increases thermogenesis, or the heat of your metabolism. It is also a digestive aid and has anti-inflammatory properties.

GARLIC - We use Garlic Pepper, roasted garlic, and garlic powder in all of our spice mixes. Ok, so most people like to avoid the raw garlic breath, but in any form it's going to have an amazing effect on the immune system and the cardiovascular system. Research has shown that it is also powerful for both phases of detox in the liver and the increased blood flow effect that garlic has will directly boost metabolism.

Eat Fit! Live Fit!   
Meg McCall
My Fit Foods

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  1. I love how good spices are for you; it's like Christmas coming early: tasty cinnamon and a cayenne kick in your hot cocoa? Not only delicious, but better for you! I need to make sure I have cayenne in my arsenal...Garlic and ginger are also great for warding off colds; they work as broad-spectrum anti-microbial in the body. And garlic just makes everything better.

  2. Great post! Thanx for sharing. I've had cinnamon in my oatmeal every morning for the past 13 days (or more). So exciting!!


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