Day Before Race Day Thoughts

Run for the Water is tomorrow morning! It's going to be quite chilly at the 7am start time!
This is the longest race I've done yet and I'm pretty excited/nervous/little scared. If I can do this one with no problems then maybe I can do my half marathon with no problems? Or if there are problems tomorrow I can fix them before the half!

My favorite thing about the day before a race/long run? That four letter C-word.

If it's a carb, I'll be eating it today!
okay, that might be an exaggeration....
Breakfast was oatmeal with dark chocolate raisinets- deeelish!

courtesy of Pinterest

saw this on Toned Curves and loved it.

Wish me luck tomorrow! Or tell me to break a leg! My goal really is "just don't die"


  1. Good Luck!! And what's wrong with pork products?? Not that you'll ever talk me out of my bacon, and saturated fat be damned!


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