Motivation Monday on Tuesday

I had every intention of doing MM yesterday, when it was Monday. I had gone for a run with my older sister and then watched as her Maid of Honor finished a triathlon. I had planned on writing about the incredible amount of support that was shown during the triathlon; there were so many people not only participating in it, but just there to cheer on and help out.
Space themed water stop

And then I found out that my parents were being evacuated due to the fires in Bastrop County.

To be totally honest, I felt completely helpless. Luckily my parents had enough warning that they could load up the cars with supplies and valuables, but I know that there were so many people that did not have that chance. Facebook started loading up with pictures, links and videos of the damage, and then came the posts on what to do to help. One post said that there was a collection of  water, Gatorade, oranges, bananas & prepackaged snacks going on for the Steiner Ranch firefighters and I knew that that was something I could do. So I got in the car, went to HEB, loaded up and headed out there.
The drive out there was very real. I saw where the Steiner Ranch neighborhood was blocked off, I saw the smoke, police cars, news crews, and SO MANY people at the church-turned-shelter. When I got to the drop-off spot, the parking lot was packed with people unloading their cars.I felt like I was doing such a little thing, and then I saw so many other people doing the same thing and that's when you realize there can really be a big impact. 

At the end of the day yesterday, I realized that there was one big theme. In both situations people came out to help other people- to support other people. Two completely different situations and scenarios, but the need was the same. 
Just when you start to think that there's so little good left in the world, right?

So here's your motivation: GO HELP. Go support.
Someone needs it. 

If you'd like to help the victims of the wildfires, please visit the Austin Disaster Relief Network. For a list of needs and collection sites, please visit THIS SITE.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something!