Motivation Monday #7

Happy Monday!
This week's MM was inspired by an email I got from Women's Health Magazine titled Snack Yourself Slimmer.
It made me think about the snacks that are part of my every day eating routine. I am a breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner person. It helps me curb hunger and cravings throughout the day plus it keeps my energy level consistent. I choose snacks that are low in calories and high in protein to help keep me satisfied (the article talks about carbohydrate snacks, and if your body can process and use all that without storing it, more power to you.)

 This week I motivate and challenge you to try adding some snacks into your day and see what a difference it makes. I think this quote best explained why snacking is a good choice for most people- "When you're famished, your blood sugar is low and your defenses are down, so you don't necessarily make the best choices."

Have you ever been SO hungry that when you finally did eat your self-control was nowhere to be found? Small sensible snacks in between meals can help keep that self-control in check. 
Some of my favorites are:
low fat greek yogurt with honey or fruit
cottage cheese with fruit
Steamed edamame
Hard boiled eggs
Apple with peanut butter
Homemade trail mix

So get your snack on, friends, and get that metabolism revved up! Portion control is key, but you can enjoy great food and keep your waistline in check!


  1. I love greek yogurt with a little no sugar freezer jam I made. So good. I can't even eat yoplaits sugary yogurt anymore! Great snack ideas!


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