Breakfast Cobbler

This creation came about from a strong craving for peach cobbler and me not having the ingredients or the time to make one. I am not sure where this peach cobbler craving came from, but I was at work one day, you know, working, at it hit me. I HAD to have peach cobbler, like, that day.- weird, right?

I went home for my lunch break and made myself something that in no way resembled peach cobbler for lunch, but when I was finished the craving remained. It was getting a little ridiculous...

You just realized that I called this a breakfast cobbler, right?
Yes, I did.
And it least when I want it to be. Because, you know, I do what I want. :-) Maybe I should call this the "Anytime Cobbler" because I cannot think of a time of day where this dish would not be delicious and the making/eating of it could not be justified.
Maybe I should just give you the recipe and then you'll understand.
(BTW: this is a one serving recipe! make your own adjustments according your own serving needs. I can't do everything for you, after all!)

1.5-2 tbs butter or margarine

Cinnamon- as much as you want, it's very good for you, remember?
1 packet Splenda (or a tsp sugar)

1/2 cup old fashioned rolled oats
Fruit of your choice- as much as you'd like-
I like frozen Peaches & Blueberries. Strawberries & Rhubarb works well too.

If using frozen fruit, place in a microwavable container and zap for about 40 seconds. This wont thaw it all the way, but enough to not take forever in the oven.
Preheat oven/toaster oven to 400*
(Place fruit in an Oven-Safe bowl!)
Place your butter/margarine, sugar, cinnamon and oats together in a separate bowl. With a fork, combine all ingredients- it will start to look crumbly.
sugar, butter, cinnamon

Delicious crumbly goodness
Place your crumbly topping over your fruit. Throw it in your preheated oven for about 15mins. The more you make the longer it will take to get nice and juicy so watch it!

Before the oven-lovin. See the blueberries hiding under the peaches?
After the oven-lovin. This picture does not even do it justice.
When I figure out how to blog smells, I will repost this one.
Makes the whole kitchen smell scrumptious!

Remember, you need at least 2 servings of fruit a day!!
*wink, wink* *nudge nudge*


  1. What a clever idea - I love peach cobbler and used to eat my Granny's cold and straight from the pan (embarrassed face), but this is a much healthier substitute!

  2. What a delicious breakfast idea! Must try!

  3. Hi! Just stopping by to let you know that your recipe was #2 on last week's Sweet Indulgences Sunday. Hope you'll stop by and add another recipe this week.


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