Run, run, as fast as you can...

Happy Saturday!

I just woke up from a nap :-)
I don't normally nap because it tends to really throw off my normal sleeping schedule, but this morning I joined my mom, older sister and the rest of the CG RunTeam for our first team run. We all met up at 8am, did a little warm up together and then took off. The idea for this mornings run was to run for either 30mins, 45mins or 60mins depending on what your individual plan said- mine said 30 (woohoo!)

If, for whatever reason, you are reading this and you are not from the Great State of Texas, then you may not know that its flippin hot here right now. Which was quite an obstacle this morning, as you can imagine.

When it came time to start, my mom and I decided that we would just let our bodies time it- we'd run until we felt like it was time to turn around. I guess I didn't give myself enough credit, because I know that in 30 mins I can run about 2.5miles, maybe less since it was so hot and it'd been about a month since i seriously pounded some pavement.

well.....according to RunKeeper (I came home and use the online tool to record the route) we did 2.59miles and then turned around to go back. That's right, just over 5 miles total. Since I did not use the RunKeeper app on my phone while we were running- mainly because I seem to always loose gps while in the middle of downtown....- this is an approximate mileage, but either way I will take it!

After a run like that, I, of course hydrated, proteined, and rested. All suuuper important for your body so that it can heal and recharge.

The race that we are training for is not until November, so the weather won't be anything like it is now (let's hope) but I am pretty satisfied with the results of today knowing that I have 20weeks to keep on going!

This Plan is how I started when I decided to start running for distance. It was really good, because before then, I think the last time I had really ran was Middle School Basketball team??? (yea, I hear you laughing....)
I strongly encourage you to try this! Make it personal! If you need a cheerleader I will gladly pump you up!!  I promise, you will feel so much better about yourself once you start respecting yourself and that means taking good care of the one body that you have. It shouldn't be about getting stick-thin, it should be about getting healthy. No excuses. You don't have forever which means there's no better time that the present.
And besides.....if Homer can do it, you can!


  1. Don't lie. Cochran/Rieber made you run for you 1500 demerits!

  2. lol i got even more demerits for not running hahaha maybe this is why i didnt make officer???


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