Now That's a Tasty Meatball!

I started to type this blog, and then I got completely distracted by Pintrest! sheesh! This web-site is so addictive!

Anyway... I thought I'd share my favorite way to make meatballs today. I realize that almost everyone has their favorite meatball recipe whether it's a family recipe, friends, or even from the Food Network. To be honest, I think I make my meatball differently every time, but there is one thing specifically that is always done....


 Here's my how-to:

Make your favorite meatball mixture & grab a few sticks of mozzarella string cheese. Cut each stick into thirds (fourths for tiny meatballs, halves for ginormous meatballs- your call)
When you scoop the meat to make the balls, take that little piece of cheese and stick it in the middle and wrap it like a present. Bake the meatballs according to your recipe/liking. The cheese will melt and explode from the meatball wrapping and your mouth will be watering.

That's it! It's so flippin easy and so incredibly tasty!

 Here's the subs that were created- 3 meatballs, a little marinara sauce and a sprinkle of parmesean cheese!

Okay, just in case you've read this and you can no longer stand it and you must have cheesy meatballs right now, here's how I made mine:

1lb lean ground beef- (93/7)
2tbs garlic powder (I get mine from costco)
1-2 tbs dried minced onion (again, costco)
salt to taste

Wash your hands, slice your cheese sticks and mix it up!
I baked my balls at 400* for about 15-20mins.
I used Bertolli Marinara sauce (I blended it cuz it was a little chunky and added some fiber powder- you can't taste it and we weren't having any other veggies with this meal so I thought it was a good way to get it in there) 
I used DiGiorno Parmesean Cheese- found in the deli section of HEB.


  1. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog!!!!! Now where is your recipe for pina colada marshmallow bites?

  2. :-P i bought those.
    But I do have recipes for pina colada protein shakes and coconut pineapple pancakes! I read that you are getting back into the fitness routine, well my blog's a kind of food-for-fitness blog. Check in any time you like!

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. Those meatballs look AMAZING! The tragedy is my husband hates melted cheese. No pizza, no lasagna... but I think I might just have to kick him out for the evening to make these! Wow!


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