Arn't you gunna blog?

 I wanted to post the "tip of the week" from My Fit Foods. This email gets sent out weekly- duh- by Mario Mendias, the owner/founder of My Fit Foods. This week's tip, due to the upcoming Easter holiday is about eggs. That's right, people, PROTEIN-filled, deliciously scrumptious, the incredible edible EGG :-)

Here is it:

Many of you are getting ready to dye your Easter eggs this week for those wonderful Easter Egg hunts this Sunday, so we wanted to take this week to celebrate the miraculous egg.  Eggs really are miraculous in so many ways.  Besides being an excellent protein source with 5.5 grams of very bio-available protein (three eggs would give you a whopping 16.5 grams of protein!), they are also very high in tryptophan, an amino acid that helps make serotonin, our "feel good" and cravings control neurotransmitter.

Don't have a multi-vitamin?  Eat an egg!  They are packed with almost every B vitamin, loaded with carotenoids like lutein and zeaxanthin, which give antioxidant protection, and have a healthy fatty acid profile.  Eggs can be especially healthy for our thyroids, supplying important nutrients such as iodine, Vitamin D, B-12, and selenium.

Eggs really are one of the most nutrient dense foods we can eat and very affordable too, but many people are stay away from them due to their cholesterol content.  Well, I am here to tell you that there is no need to worry!  Very little of our body's cholesterol comes from food, whereas most of it is actually manufactured by the liver.  There are many factors including inflammation, high insulin, and oxidative stress (damage!) that are the true causes of heart disease.  We actually need cholesterol as a major building block in our body, helping with repair of every cell in the body and assisting in hormone and brain health as well.

Eggs can even help promote weight loss as seen in an eight week study of 160 overweight men and women.  One group ate a bagel breakfast and one group ate a breakfast including two eggs.  They each had the same amount of calories per day at a 1,000 calorie deficit.  The egg group lost twice as much weight as the bagel group!  And very importantly, they had an 83% decrease in waist circumference compared to the bagel group and much higher energy levels. 

This study validates what we teach here at My Fit Foods with our 21 Day Challenge.  Eating a high protein breakfast with eggs is an excellent way to control your blood sugar, which has beneficial effects throughout the day.  This is why the egg group lost more weight and had more energy but also lost more tummy fat.
So, here's to our famous Breakfast Tacos for Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner!!  And don't forget to try our new Fit 2 Go Snack with a boiled egg, apple slices, a touch of grapes, and an all-natural peanut butter.
To your health!

Okay hungry people, go eat some eggs! And have a Happy Easter, I will be spending mine with family and ffffoooooddddd, yum. The yum is for the food, not the family. :-)