About Me

Hey, y'all!
I'm Susan, aka The Foodette.
Welcome to the adventures in, and sometimes out of, my kitchen!

I am a mid-20's Austin native who LOVES food. When I was in high school I could, and did, eat whatever I wanted to (thank you drill team) but then I went on to college without changing any of my eating habits and did not keep up a regular workout routine. Sure there was a gym session here and there, mostly consisting of the elliptical... it just wasn't enough.
I gained the freshman 15.....and then I gained 5 more.... by the time I graduated I knew it was time to do something but there was no way I was doing it and giving up my love of cooking and eating! Starving was not an option!

And then along came my neighbor. He preached the benefits of a high protein, low carb, low calorie diet- I tried it and added in some workouts (mostly walk/runs with the dog to start out with) and low and behold it worked! I started feeling better before I ever saw the scale move, but once the scaled moved, boy did it move! I completed a 5mile walk/run on thanksgiving 2010, and then a 10k run in March 2011. I completed my first half marathon in November 2011! To date I have completed many 5k's, many 10k's, two 10-mile races, 2 Warrior Dashes, and a half-marathon. I really enjoy boot camp and classes like boxing, pilates, spin, and strength. I gotta keep it varied!

This blog has been such a journey of discovering how food fuels my body. I started it as a way to keep track of my creative healthy dishes and it has turned into so much more! I love discovering new foods and creating new meals that are both healthy and delicious. I am still a lover of all things chocolate and I will cave every now and then and have some "bad" days (& Chuy's is a serious weakness), but the knowledge I have gained and the desire to share it with others is really what drove me to create this blog. I hope others benefit from it, or at least discover a new favorite recipe!